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Questions about
How soon can I move into my office at ecos work spaces?
Virtual office solutions are usually realized in a matter of hours. Renting your own fully functional office room (subject to availability) is also possible within a few days.
At what times can I work in my office?
The office hours of ecos work spaces are usually 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. (times at some locations may vary), but as an office customer you naturally have access to your office at all times. For virtual office customers or meeting room users, access is also possible outside of office hours by agreement.
Is there a deposit or security payment and how much is it?
Yes, security of three gross rent payments must typically be paid for Office and Virtual Office services.
What minimum term applies after concluding a contract?
It is usually 6 months (some locations may vary).
What are the termination periods for Office and Virtual Office services?
It is usually 3 months to the end of the month.
Are the workspaces already furnished? Can I bring my own furniture?
We have fully furnished office spaces. However, our customers can usually bring their own furniture following agreement.
Can I view ecos work spaces before deciding on a contract?
Yes, you have the option to view your location before entering into a contract. To arrange a viewing, you can get in touch using the contact form on our website or via the contact options listed on the location pages.
Are any brokerage fees charged when renting an office?
No, renting with ecos work spaces is free from brokerage fees – guaranteed.
How long am I committed to an office rental agreement with ecos work spaces?
The standard contract term is usually 3 months, while longer contract terms allow room for negotiating the conditions.
How do I know what costs I can expect?
With ecos work spaces, you know from the outset what costs are contained in the service packages and which consumption-dependent costs are charged in addition. Our service descriptions and price lists are transparent and fair.
Questions about
Virtual Office
How long does it take to set up a business address?
If you have all the necessary documents (personal identification, business registration, commercial register entry, transparency register entry, and bank details), we can set up the business address within 24 hours or by the next workday (workdays are Monday to Friday).
Can I open my head office at ecos work spaces?
Yes (some locations may vary).
Do you offer support with administrative tasks such as a mail and telephone service?
Yes, we offer professional support with administrative tasks at all ecos work spaces and provide a mail and telephone service and much more, if desired.
Can I register a company domicile for a limited company at ecos work spaces?
Yes, we offer tailored solutions for limited companies that need temporary or long-term office workspaces in addition to ensuring postal availability.
Questions about
What are your cancellation conditions?
The cancellation conditions for the specific location apply. Please ask your location directly.
How can I book meeting and conference rooms?
You can select workspaces or conference rooms on our website, check their availability, and complete your booking.
Do you provide catering and drinks?
If you need drinks, snacks, or catering for your event or meeting, we will be happy to take care of the arrangements to meet your requirements. Please discuss your wishes with our team on site in good time.
What should I do if I encounter technical problems or have other concerns?
If you have technical problems or other concerns, our community team on site will be available to assist you. We are here to ensure you can do your work successfully. We will be happy to help you with any problems that occur.
Questions about
Coworking Space
Do I need to book the workspace in advance or can I simply drop by unannounced?
Yes, it is necessary to reserve a co-working space in advance. You can book workspaces online in advance using our website.
What is co-working in an open space?
Co-working refers to the communal use of office spaces in conventional private offices or open spaces. These are used by freelancers, self-employed people, sole entrepreneurs, as well as small start-ups to larger companies.
What equipment do you offer in the co-working space?
Our co-working space offers desks, chairs, printers, copiers, a kitchen, lounge areas, and much more (some locations may vary).
Can I use kitchen and break areas?
Yes, you can use the kitchen and break areas at our ecos work spaces. Our facilities are designed to provide you with a comfortable and relaxed place to eat, relax, and network.
Are access cards or keys provided to co-working space customers?
The access options vary depending on the location due to the different locking systems. Each location therefore differs from other locations.
General questions
How can I benefit from the fact that there are 25 ecos work spaces in Germany?
Thanks to the ecos work spaces network, you can also perform your work quickly and easily at other locations – whether you want to temporarily book a venue for a meeting or conference, need a virtual office solution for a branch, or are looking to outsource tasks or projects.
How can I arrange a viewing or consultation?
To arrange a viewing or a consultation, various contact options are available. You can reach us via the contact form on our website or use the contact details listed on the location pages. We look forward to helping you with your inquiries.
What are the daily opening hours? Are ecos work spaces accessible around the clock?
The office hours of ecos work spaces are usually 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. (times at some locations may vary). ecos work spaces are accessible during regular opening hours. Office customers have 24-hour access, as do co-working space users following agreement.
What does “TU” stand for?
The abbreviation “TU” stands for time unit. One time unit is three minutes.
What payment methods do you accept?
We generally accept credit cards, bank transfers, and cash payments.
Is parking available?
We usually offer our own parking at the location or parking garages can often by found nearby (some locations may vary).
May I bring pets/animals?
Pets are welcome in some of our ecos work spaces. Please ask beforehand to be sure whether pets are also allowed at your location.
Is there high-speed internet access?
Yes, we offer fast and reliable Wi-Fi.
Can I organize my own workshop or private event at ecos work spaces?
Yes, we offer various rooms for corporate functions and private events.
Is there a reception or lobby area?
Yes, all ecos work spaces have a staffed reception. Our team will be pleased to welcome you and your guests and assist with any concerns.
Customer Feedback
[Translate to English:] medienreich IT-Trainings
„ecos überzeugt durch professionelle und flexible Raumangebote! Hier führen wir gerne Schulungen durch – top Service & moderne Ausstattung inklusive!“
Medienreich, IT-Trainings
[Translate to English:] TÜV Süd AG
„Die Meetingräume waren erstklassig – professionell und komfortabel. Ein herausragender Service!“
Stefan Wagner, TÜV SÜD AG
[Translate to English:] alpha inside consultants
„Modernste Büroausstattung und professioneller Service in bester Lage. Für uns der ideale Ort, unsere Real Estate Kunden zu beraten!“
Sebastian Hein, Partner, Alpha IC GmbH
[Translate to English:] valcex Forward Thinking People
„Erstklassiger Service und moderne Büros. Keine Sorgen, alles läuft reibungslos. Technik ist klasse, perfekt für Workshops.“
Christian Jost, Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter, valcex GmbH
[Translate to English:] DSD-Sicherheitsdienst
„Professioneller Service und eine freundliche Atmosphäre! ecos work spaces - ein Ort, der Professionalität und Komfort bietet.“
DSD-Sicherheitsdienst, Bremen
[Translate to English:] Barba & Partner, Rechtsanwälte
„Wir sind nunmehr seit fast 6 Jahren Kunde bei ecos München und es ist alles bestens.“
Barba & Partner, Rechtsanwälte, München
[Translate to English:] HOFA Personalservice GmbH
„Wir haben unser Unternehmen 2007 hier gegründet und fühlen uns immer noch wohl und sehr gut betreut von dem sehr netten Team vor Ort.“
Benita Hohlweck & Michael Fanroth, Geschäftsführung HOFA Personal, Saarbrücken
[Translate to English:] Infranaut
„Seit über 10 Jahren sind wir glücklicher ecos Kunde. Wir schätzen besonders die entspannte, offene Atmosphäre und den leckeren Kaffee.“
INFRANAUT, Darmstadt
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